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Breeding & Crossing



1st year

The first step is to make a crossing.

To make a crossing you need two different tulips. You spread the pollen of the 'father plant' at the pistil of the 'mother plant'. The pollen germs inside the pistil where fertilization takes place.



1st year

The seeds are being harvested and sown in trays.





2nd year

Little tulip bulbs have grown from the seed and harvested.

1st year

The pistil slowly changes in a huge 'box' full with seeds.







In the next 10-15 years it is all about testing, testing, testing, growing, forcing, promotion, marketing, baptising etc.

7th year

All seedlings bloom.

From the thousands of crossings that has been made only a few are good enough to reach the market!

6th year

The first crossings are blooming!

4th and 5th year

In the second and thirth year outside on the field, the leaves becoming to look like tulip leaves. But still no flowers.

3th year

The little tulip bulbs are planted for the first time outside on the tulip. It looks like grass at this stage.



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